eDIAGNOSTICS is a tool to monitor the health of ecom Ex-Handy 10 & Smart-Ex® 02 with smart diagnosis.

The tool checks the status of various components, battery and sensors on the device. With the help of this tool, the users can perform first level of device diagnostics before reporting any issue. A simple to use tool from ecom that enhances the usability of the device.


  • Check operation of hardware components, including battery, touch screen, speakers, cameras, Wi-Fi and sensors.
  • Quick and accurate scan of phone’s health.
  • Full Diagnosis of all the phone’s components.
  • Individual components can also be scanned independently using the Custom Diagnosis feature.
  • Keep track of the performance of your phone using diagnostics service.
  • Generate diagnostic report and share with Ecom engineers.

Diagnosis Components

  1. NFC
  2. LED
  3. Touch
  4. Brightness
  5. GPS
  6. USB
  7. Back Camera
  8. Front Camera
  9. LCD
  10. Dead Spots
  11. RAM
  12. Internal Storage
  13. SD Card
  14. CPU
  15. SIM
  16. Flashlight
  17. Keys
  18. Vibrator
  19. Wi-Fi
  20. Bluetooth
  21. Battery
  22. Proximity
  23. Sensor
  24. Microphone
  25. Speaker
  26. Earpiece

Custom Diagnosis

Custom Diagnosis can be used to diagnose individual hardware components independently.

Image Image

Steps to diagnose individual hardware components using Custom Diagnosis

(1) Tap on eDIAGNOSTICS App.


(2) Tap on Custom Diagnosis.


(3) Select any one of the hardware components (NFC is used for demonstration).

Image Image

(4) Bring your Phone near to NFC TAG (As mentioned in the Screen).

(5) Wait for the diagnosis completion.

(6) Once Diagnosis is completed, NFC Tile on dashboard will be marked with GREEN color if diagnosis is passed otherwise marked with RED color in failed case.

Image Image

Full Diagnosis

Full diagnosis can be used to diagnose all the hardware components automatically. User intervention is required for some of the hardware components.

Image Image

Custom Features

Custom Feature can be used for displaying status of ecom custom features like Key Assignment, MDM features, Status of ecom custom features etc.

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Bug Report

Bug Report can be used to report a bug to Ecom Developers. Report contains device logs and bug details. This feature is password protected.

Image Image Image

Device Info

This will show all the device’s information, such as the device model, serial number, OS version, storage details, SW details, and device root status.