eSENTINEL is designed to help operators to add basic measures of safety to their daily work. It’s the ideal tool for lone workers or tasks with higher risk.

Note: This app will not replace a certified "Lone Worker Protection"-System.

Initiates SMS / Phone Calls / E-Mail by:

  • Simply pressing the Red Button
  • When a pre-defined timer reaches zero or
  • When the phone is inclined below a certain angle
  • Starts as system service after reboot
  • Pre configurable via XML file (Before installing the APK: Download the XML file with its corresponding settings to the "\Downloads" folder on your device)
  • Password protection to avoid accidental changes by operators

This application can be extended by booking a premium service. This premium service allows configuration of multiple devices stored in the ecom eDS Portal.

Type of Alarm supported

eSENTINEL supports 5 type of alarms. They are as follows:

  • RED Button
  • Timer
  • Man down
  • No motion
  • External

All these alarms will be displayed on the application home screen. User can enable any of them by just a single click on the corresponding alarm.


RED Button alarm

This is a manual alarm. User can enable this alarm by tapping on the "RED-BUTTON" option presented on the home screen of the application. Once this alarm is activated, user can then press the device SOS button to raise the alarm any time.



This is a timer based alarm. User can enable this alarm by tapping on the "TIMER" option presented on the home screen of the application. This alarm works on timer setting which is provided in the application setting. When the time lapse, the application will start notifying user before raising the alarm. This notification before raising the alarm is termed as "Pre-alarm" notification. This value can be set under application setting and it takes value in seconds. Once the pre-alarm notification time lapse, the application will raise the alarm.


No Motion

This alarm works based on the device movement. When there is no movement of the device for a configured time period, this alarm gets activated. This alarm also supported "Pre-alarm" notification.


Man Down

This alarm works based on fall detection. When the application detects a tilt to certain degree, it notifies user for the fall detection. Like in TIMER alarm, this also provides an option for "Pre-alarm" notification.



This alarm can be used to raise alarm notification based on any 3rd party external event. This external even can be triggered by some other peripheral connected to the device.

Application menu options

eSENTINEL application provides these menu option available on the application navigation drawer.

  1. Import: Imports application setting (configuration file) if placed on the device downloads folder
  2. Export: Exports current application settings
  3. History: To view the history of various alarms raised by the application
  4. Change password: To change the default password ( Ecom-1986 ) of the application.
  5. Settings: To access the application setting
  6. About: To view the application information
  7. Help/Feedback: This navigates to the ECOM help and support web link



Application setting

On selecting "Settings" option from the left navigation drawer of the application, it would prompt for a password to access the settings of the application. The default password is " Ecom-1986"


On providing correct password, the application setting screen opens up with the various application configuration options.


This is the application setting which defines what type of action to be triggered when the alarm is raised. Currently eSENTINEL supports 3 type of actions. User can select one or multiple among these options. Supported actions are:

  1. Phone call: Initiates a GSM call to the configured contact. ECOM devices also supports secondary phone dialing. Where if the primary call fails, it would call the secondary number.
  2. Text Message: Send a text message to the configured contact. User can select multiple contacts to which to send the message
  3. Email: Send an auto generated email to the configured mail ID


Change Password

This option allows users to change the pre-defined password to one of his own choice. A very basic check if done by the application to make sure that the password type is at least 6 character long.

On selecting "Change password" option from the application menu, a screen to change password is displayed as show below



eSENTINEL keeps history record of last 10 alarms that are triggered by the application. User can view this history of alarms raised by selecting menu option "History" from the application menu. User can just view or clear all history from the device.


Application Trial Period

eSENTINEL application comes with a trial period of 28 days. The trial period starts from the day user has accepted the applications terms and conditions, which is prompted to the user on very first launch of the application. Once the trial period of 28 days is over, various menu options of the application will get disabled and user need to purchase the product license in order to continue using the application. Any active alarm will get disabled once the trial period has expired.



Get License

On the trial period expiry, user can opt to get the product license key and provide the license key to activate the application. If the user does not have the license key available, he can opt to purchase this thru ECOM portal by selecting "PURCHASE" option