eSETUP Ident-Ex®Documentation

This Software Manual will show all information’s and handling of the Ident-Ex and the “Ident-Ex Setup” software for Android and Windows.

Displaying firmware information

If the main trigger (trigger button on the underside), trigger (trigger button on the top) and SPP buttons are pressed during operation, firmware information will be sent to a device that has been connected to the Ident-Ex via Bluetooth (HID), where it is displayed. It must be ensured that the SPP button is pressed first, followed by the main trigger and the trigger button. When releasing, the SPP button must be released before the main trigger and trigger buttons.

The following information’s are transmitted:

  • Bootloader version
  • Firmware version
  • Version of the Bluetooth module used by the Ident-Ex
  • Address of the Bluetooth module used by the Ident-Ex
  • The 5 saved Bluetooth addresses of devices which have already been connected to the Ident-Ex via Bluetooth.
  • Firmware information of the head module

Resetting to default settings

The firmware of the Ident-Ex can be used to reset the device to its factory settings. To enable this function, the main trigger (trigger button on the underside), trigger (trigger button on the top) and SPP buttons must be pressed and held for approx. 2 seconds when the Ident-Ex is starting up. Previous settings, such as selection of the head module, main trigger and trigger button were not resetted and are retained.

Bluetooth pairing of Ident-Ex and Android device

Pairing without „Ident-Ex Setup“ App:
“Settings” -> “Bluetooth” -> select “Ident-Ex 01” (Ident-Ex 01 and Smartphone/Tablet will be paired)

Image Image Image

Android App

A XML file is used to transfer data to the Ident-Ex. This file will be created by the Ident-Ex Setup software and transferred to the Ident-Ex.

First start After the first start of the software, an “Ident-Ex01” folder will be created in the “device storage” directory and several config files will be added to this folder. These XML files are default settings for each Ident-Ex head module.


The “SETTINGS” tab is used to read and write XML files, transfer data to the Ident-Ex and manage the Bluetooth connection.

Load file

The default settings will be loaded after the first start of the Ident-Ex Setup software. After loading another file through the button “LOAD OTHER” this file path will be stored and loaded automatically at the next start. The last saved or opened file will be loaded at the next start.

Load default settings

Press the button “LOAD DEFAULT” to load the default settings of the Ident-Ex.

Load other settings

Press the button “LOAD OTHER” to load any settings XML file. After pressing the button you can select the file in the opened file dialog and after confirming with “open” the file will be loaded into the Ident-Ex Setup APP. A pop-up message will show the successful loading of the file.


If the reading of the file was interrupted, the syntax of the file was not complied.

It is possible to load one of the last 3 saved or loaded files. These files were stored in the drop down list. To open one of these files, just select one and press the button “LOAD”.

Save file

The settings can be saved with the button “SAVE” and “SAVE AS”. A pop-up message will show the successful or faulty saving progress.

Image Image

Bluetooth connection

A Bluetooth connection can be established under the “SETTINGS” tab by pressing “connect”.

A window opens which contains the name(s) of the Bluetooth device(s) that can be connected. The default Bluetooth name of the Ident-Ex is “Ident-Ex 01”. If a different Bluetooth name has been set for the Ident-Ex (see BT name), this name will need to be selected.

Image Image

If the mobile device has not yet been paired with the Ident-Ex, a window will appear after selecting the Bluetooth name of the Ident-Ex to query whether a connection should be established with the Ident-Ex. After confirming the query, a Bluetooth connection is established between the Ident-Ex and the mobile device. If the corresponding Bluetooth name of the Ident-Ex does not appear in the list of Bluetooth devices, you can perform a search for the Ident-Ex by selecting “Scan for devices”.

If a Bluetooth connection has been established successfully between the Ident-Ex and the mobile device, the SPP and Bluetooth LEDs on the Ident-Ex will illuminate. These two LEDs must illuminate, otherwise firmware cannot be installed on the Ident-Ex.


Transfer data to Ident-Ex

Before sending data to the Ident-Ex the Bluetooth connection must be compounded (SPP and Bluetooth LED illuminating). Is the connection made, you can send the data to the Ident-Ex.

The Ident-Ex Setup APP will save all settings before sending the data to the Ident-Ex. Please select a file under “Save data to xml file” where the settings will be saved. After choosing the right file, press the button “SAFE AND SEND”. The settings will be saved in the chosen file and send to the Ident-Ex.

If the transmission has started, a progress bar will show the progress.

Image Image

The successful or terminated transfer of the data will be shown in a pop-up message.

If the data transfer was interrupted, please check the Bluetooth connection (SPP and Bluetooth LED illuminating) and start a new download.


Read data from Ident-Ex

To read all settings from the Ident-Ex, press the button “READ”. All settings saved in the Ident-Ex will be transmitted to the Ident-Ex Setup software. Please safe all settings before reading data from the Ident-Ex, otherwise these setting will be overridden (“SAVE” or “SAVE AS” button).


After pressing the button “READ” the Ident-Ex is sending all settings to the Ident-Ex Setup software. This opens a window which displays the progress of the transfer.

Image Image

A message is displayed on the mobile device to indicate the successful or failed transfer of the data. If the data were received successfully, the settings will be shown in the associated tab.


Online Mode

With the online mode it is possible to send data directly after modification to the Ident-Ex. There are three capabilities to activate the online mode. For each of these capabilities the Ident-Ex must be connected via Bluetooth (SPP and Bluetooth LED illuminating).

  1. After successful transfer a file to the Ident-Ex (“SAFE AND SEND”)
  2. After reading the data from the Ident-Ex (“READ”)
  3. After pressing the button (“ONLINE”)

…the online mode will be activated. The actual state of the online mode will be shown in the status bar (green -> online, red -> offline).


After activating the online mode, every changes made in the tab GENERAL, SN_SE955, EN_EX25I, NL_TLB30, NH_UNI13 or NU_UNI900, will be send directly to the Ident-Ex.

The status bar will show the successful transfer of the data. If the data transfer was interrupted or terminated, the last set value will be set and the online mode will be deactivated.

Install Firmware

Navigate to the “FIRMWARE UPDATE” tab and press “…“ to select the file that contains the new firmware for the Ident-Ex.

Press the “DOWNLOAD” Button to download the newest firmware from the ecom server.