Visor-Ex® 01 Videos

Visor-Ex® 01 Smart Glasses—Connected in 3 Steps
In this video, we show you how to connect the Visor-Ex® 01 with your phone in three steps.
eMDM – Device Enrollment with Android™ Enterprise for Visor-Ex® 01
Learn how to enroll the Smart-Ex® 02 for the Visor-Ex® 01 using Android™ Enterprise and watch the step-by-step guide.
Visor-Ex® 01 — Setup Smart-Ex® 02 for IRI-HUD Screencasting
Watch the video to learn how to setup the Smart-Ex® 02 for IRI-HUD Screencasting. Please note, that both PC and Smart-Ex® must be in the same network.

eDS Portal Videos

Introduction to Digital Products and Services
The Digital Products and Services Platform simply explained